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Treat yourself to a leather motorcycle jacket. With its Rock & Roll look, this jacket  will add a hint of luxury to your rebel-chic. 

Type: Leather motorcycle jacket

Made in Vietnam

Available in 2 colours

Lining: Fabric

Zip fasteners completely zipped.

Demo, an up-and-coming leather brand, stands out with its bold style. New and updated versions of classic styles are their speciality, and their collection is so detail-oriented and elegant that everyone will find something that speaks to their aesthetic.   
   Cow leather jacket
   Metal zippers
   Available in 2 colours
   Leather lining
  1. Leather jacket care:

    Before wearing a leather jacket, you should treat it with a leather protector, much like a moisturiser for your skin. These protectors are odourless as well as colourless, and protect the leather from water, oil, and dirt stains. Leather protectors are really good for suede as it stains easily. It may be necessary to reapply leather protector once a year.

  2. How to correctly store a leather jacket: 

    Correctly storing a leather jacket when itís not being used will help keep it in good condition. After taking the jacket off, be sure to hang it up on a wide shoulder-shaped hanger. Itís important to use a wide shouldered coat hanger so as not to put dent marks in your jacket. Jackets should be stored in a dry, cool wardrobe, away from direct sunlight or any other heat source. Jackets stored away during a summer season should be put in a breathable storage bag. This will keep it dry, clean, and dust-free. Never store a jacket while it is wet or damp. The jacket should be completely dry before going in the wardrobe. Mildew can cause irreparable damage to leather materials, so a jacket should always be stored in a dry wardrobe, away from moisture, such as steam from a bathroom.


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