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Now here's a pair of military-style jeans for a killer look! Camouflage is in and goes with everything. Get them before they're gone ladies!

50% cotton 50% polyester 

Made in China

Super skinny


Fabric: Stretchy

Zip flies: Yes

It is best not to wash raw denim too often. The reason is that the colour wears off your jeans in places where you make natural creases. Sitting down, putting your phone in and out of your pockets etc: all these daily little things will help make your jeans look great.

Washing your jeans:

1.Turn them inside out and wash them separately. Use a gentle detergent that contains no bleaching agent.
2.Hand-wash is best or use machine wash using cold water.
3.Hang them to dry the right way out.

Ironing your jeans:

1.Turn the jeans inside out.
2.Put your iron on the high heat setting with steam.
3.Place a soft cloth over the jeans.
4.Lay one leg at a time straight on the ironing board by lining up your seams side to side.
5.Start by ironing your seams flat then move to the inside of the leg. 

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