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FAQ  stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

This element allows you to give your visitors answers to frequently asked questions concerning payment methods, delivery, returns etc.. If you  have a long list of Questions and Answers, you can organise them by category.

FAQ example: Are all of your items in stock ?

Describe your stock policy. Do you still show products that are out of stock? How long does restocking take?

FAQ example: I'd like to offer a gift, is that possible?

Specify if you offer gift wrapping services.
You can send a gift to someone by providing that person's address as the delivery address and yours as the billing address.

FAQ example: When will I receive my order?

Specify here how long delivery takes for each shipping option, type of product and destination.

FAQ example: What payment methods do you accept?

You have several options for making a payment.

Indicate here which methods of payment you accept, for example:

• Debit
• Wire Transfer
• Cheques
• Etc.