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100% cashmere pullover. This pullover is very comfortable, modern and elegant in any situation. It will add a stylish edge to all your outfits. 

100% cashmere

Made in the EU


Pattern: Solid colour

Zip Fastener: No

Hand wash only.

Slim fitting.

Demo, a classic and timeless brand,reliably provides good quality, stylish pullovers. With flattering cuts andunbeatable style, everyone needs a Demo jumper in their wardrobe.

Cashmere pullover

Very soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear

Solid colour

Slim fit

Washing Instructions

1. Fill a sink with lukewarm water and a fewdrops of mild detergent. Add 3/4 cup of white vinegar to neutralise perspirationodour. Immerse the sweater, and move around gently, taking care not to stretchit. Soak for 10 minutes.

Gently gather up the sweater and squeezeout the water without wringing or stretching it. Discard water and refill thesink with clean, lukewarm water. Place sweater in the sink, and swish to rinse (avoid putting it directly under running water; the pressure can stretch it.) Repeat with clean water until the detergent is gone.

3. After squeezing out the water, lay the sweateron a white towel on a flat surface (a white towel prevents dye transfer fromtowel to sweater). Gently roll the towel and sweater together to removemoisture, squeezing and pressing as you go. Dry the sweater on a flat,moisture-resistant surface, preferably mesh, which lets air circulate. Keep it out of the sun and away from heat. Coax the sweater back into its shape, squaring the shoulders, placing the sleeves parallel to the body, and squaring the hem.


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