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The Magic of Cashmere

21 Sep 2017
The Magic of Cashmere

Have you ever wondered if cashmere is really that much softer than other wool? Does it really make that much of a difference during the cold winter? Well the answer is yes! We wouldn’t offer a Demo brand 100% cashmere sweater if we weren’t convinced of its quality. Here a couple reasons everyone needs some cashmere in their winter wardrobe:

1) It really is softer. Cashmere is one ofthe finest animal fibre that exists, generally between 13 to 15 microns. It isnaturally crimped, closely packed in the spinning weaving, and as a result the holding force is quite strong. This is its warmth retention property is so good, twice that of wool. Cashmere fibre also has a layer of air in the middle,so it is also lighter.

2) It looks nice. Cashmere’s colour andlustre are natural and downy. Cashmere fibre is uniform. Its intersecting surface is fairly regular which helps it fully absorb dye and stops it from fading.

3) It’s comfortable. Cashmere is flexibleand stretchy. Because of its big crimp rate and recovery, its fibre can beprocessed into soft, elastic, natural knitwear. It doesn’t shrink after washingand keeps its form better than other materials. As Cashmere comes from goats’soft hair when it starts to get cold, it is naturally adapted to keep you warmand cosy.

4) It’s good for you. Clothes made from Cashmere can stimulate blood circulation, promote hair follicle activity andhelps reduce weariness.

Spring Fashion Tips

21 Feb 2017
Spring Fashion Tips

It’s only February, but who isn’t already thinking about their Spring wardrobe? You don’t want the warm weather to arrive and find that you have nothing to wear, or at least, nothing in style! Taking notes from Elle magazine, here are their tips for when the warmer weather hits:

Orange is the New Black

The fiery hue has been spotted all over the spring 2017 ready-to-wear shows, making its way from the season's It lip to its clothes, bags, and shoes.

First Look: Spring 2017 Colours

The combination of black and white is proving its staying power, while icy pastels and hints of pink are getting into the mix.

Clothing Demo Store's Referral Scheme

21 Feb 2017
Clothing Demo Store's Referral Scheme

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