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Referral Scheme
What does a referral scheme mean?
Do you want to let those close to you know about Oxashop? Today, with our referral scheme, everyone wins!

If you tell a friend about the site, he or she will benefit from 10% off their first order.

In exchange, you will also receive a voucher for 10% off your next order, with no minimum purchase necessary.
How does it work?
You want to refer someone :

- Click on the "referral" button in the menu and insert the names and email addresses of your friends.
- Send the referral offer.
- You will be notified by email when your one of your referrals has ordered something and you'll receive your voucher.

You've been referred:

When you receive the referral email, click on the link to benefit from your discount on your first order.
How does the referrer benefit from their discount?
When the referrer places an order on the site, the discount will automatically be applied.
The discounts the referrer obtains thanks to his or her referrals can be used in conjunction.
The referrer accumulates discounts depending on the number of referrals who place orders.
Refer a friend